HSC – Direct Donation (per student)

Suggested Donation:




What is HSC? 
Home & School Club is our our parent organization with the mission to make Dilworth an exceptional school environment through funding of key programs, community-building activities, and other extras for the school that are not provided by the school district.  You do not need to pay/donate to join. All staff and parents of students enrolled in Dilworth School are eligible for membership in the Home and School Club. All members present at the meetings can discuss and vote on HSC items.
Why HSC? 
HSC does not require donations to join. HSC does not have to pay fees to some higher level overseeing organization like national PTA. HSC could use all your donations truly on our kids and school. HSC is nonprofit, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan.
What does HSC do? 
We support Dilworth’s art, music, PE, librarian hours, special coordinator hours, classroom supplies, social events, appreciation events etc.